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Annual Meeting and Installation of Incoming President
Christine M. Doucet, M.D.
Friday, June 3, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.
To be held at the Upsky Long Island Hotel
(Formerly the Smithtown Sheraton)
110 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788
You and your spouse/guest are cordially invited for dinner and an evening with friends and colleagues.
We will also be presenting our Doctors of Tomorrow scholarships to deserving high school seniors pursuing a career in medicine.
PLEASE RSVP at your earliest convenience.
CLICK HERE for Your Invitation / Response Information

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape – What Physicians Need to Know

Presented By:

Jay B. Silverman, Esq.
Ruskin Moscou Faltischek P.C.

Alex G. Bateman, Esq.
Ruskin Moscou Faltischek P.C.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
 6:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.

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MLMIC Policyholders to Receive 20 Percent Dividend

MLMIC’s Board of Directors has approved a 20 percent dividend for all MLMIC policyholders who are insured as of May 1, 2016, and maintain continuous coverage through July 1, 2016.
MLMIC’s mission is to provide insurance at cost. To offset premiums, we offer dividends to our policyholders whenever we can. Our competitors often promise low initial premiums to attract business, but MLMIC continually operates without a profit motive. Instead, we work to provide much needed relief to our policyholders, while maintaining financial stability.
MLMIC remains a mutual insurer, owned by our policyholders, and we are committed to policyholder-first service. Over the years, MLMIC’s financial strength has allowed us to pay more than $300 million in dividends to our policyholders, an accomplishment unmatched by other insurers.
You can find more about understanding dividends here, and of course you can contact us anytime with questions.

New York State’s e-prescribing requirements for non-controlled and controlled substances has gone into effect on Sunday, March 27, 2016.
According to the NYS Department of Health’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, more than 70,000 prescribers are already e-prescribing and other prescribers are continuing to register their certified software for controlled substances with the New State Department of Health. Practitioners should continue their efforts to become compliant with the law, including working with their software vendors to implement the additional security requirements needed for e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), and registering their certified software applications with the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.
For physicians who prescribe controlled substances, there are additional steps to complete in order to electronically prescribe controlled substances. These include the following: CLICK HERE for ALL INFORMATION.
E-Prescribing Waiver Applications Now Available from BNE
With March 27, 2016 as the date that all prescriptions must be electronically submitted, the New York Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement has announced the availability of the Electronic Prescribing Waivers (EPW) application on the Health Commerce System (HCS).
A prescriber must have a HCS account in order to file an electronic prescribing waiver.  Using the HCS account is the quickest way to file the EPW application.
This application allows an institution, medical group practice or an individual practitioner to submit a request for a waiver from the requirement to electronically prescribe. Following are links to instructions for completing the online application on the Health Commerce System, based on the type of requestor:
If you do not have an HCS account, a paper version is NOW available upon request. Please contact the BNE at 1-866-811-7957, option 1.  The paper form is available for applications for institutions, group practices and individual practices and will be sent to requestors.
If physicians experience difficulties with their HCS account,  please call:  1-866-529-1890.
If a prescriber experiences any issues with the on-line Electronic Prescribing Waiver, they should call 1-866-811-7957.
The Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY), New York State’s principal non-profit professional organization for physicians, residents and medical students, and DrFirst, a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions, announced today that MSSNY has selected DrFirst as its official and recommended provider of e-prescribing software to its membership. MSSNY’s decision to search for, evaluate and officially endorse an e-prescribing vendor was spurred by the New York Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP) legislation which mandates that all patient medications be e-prescribed beginning March 27, 2016. 
 If you have any questions about the electronic prescribing mandate, please call 1-866-811-7957, option 1.

Alert to Physicians Aggrieved By Health Republic
If you have claims outstanding with Health Republic, please take a moment to click on this link which will bring you to MSSNY’s grassroots action center and a letter which you can send to your elected State Senator and Assemblyman to call for action to assure that physicians and other healthcare stakeholders are paid for services rendered to patients of the now defunct Health Republic.
MSSNY continues to have regular communication with key state officials regarding how the wind-down of Health Republic will occur, and at what level and when payment can expect to be received.  MSSNY also continues to share with key legislators and the media our collective concerns regarding the severe consequences to physicians’ practices as a result of the collapse of Health Republic, and advocating for a special fund to assure physician claims for care provided to HR-insured patients are fully paid.
This includes sharing the results of our survey of nearly 1,000 respondents, which has generated extensive media coverage from across New York State, including the Wall Street Journal and New York  Times. Please add your voice to these efforts to better assure that physicians are not left holding the proverbial bag!

In a short while, you will be receiving a packet of materials from the Long Island Health Collaborative (LIHC).
Since the LIHC is a new organization, you may not be familiar with its existence, hence this notification which is being provided to you by YOUR Suffolk County Medical Society.The LIHC is a result of Federal and State initiatives considered vital for improving the general health of the population.  Exercise, in the form of WALKING, has been recognized as a critical predictor of future human health.  Hardly a month goes by without an article on the subject appearing in prominent and respected medical journals.  Some articles conclude a certain amount of walking each day/week is best, others state ANY regular amount of walking, however minimal, has beneficial effects.  For these reasons, the LIHC has decided its premiere efforts should focus on WALKING.  In an attempt to assist physicians in emphasizing the importance of this issue to their patients, they will be sending you materials designed to facilitate your usual discussions with your patients concerning exercise as a part of a Healthy Lifestyle.  One of the packet contents will be a “Recommendation for Walking” Pad. Each individual “Recommendation” contains ample room for individualized comments you may wish to add.  The recommendation and other materials can then be referred to by the patient at home, helping to reinforce your individual concerns. CLICK HERE for Additional Information

As you may know, Anthem, the parent of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, has filed paperwork to acquire CIGNA. State and federal regulators are interested in knowing the prospective effects of these possible mergers on your practice and patient care. Today’s surveydeveloped in conjunction with the American Medical Association, will ask your opinion on these proposed mergers.
The survey should take about 8-9 minutes to complete for most of you. Your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and only aggregated data will be used in our reporting.
This survey, and any information collected in response, will be used by the Medical Society solely for the purpose of petitioning state and federal government concerning the antitrust issues raised by Anthem’s proposed acquisition of Cigna. The antitrust laws prohibit the state medical association from using any information collected pursuant to this survey for any anticompetitive purposes, including, but not limited to, using that information in discussions with health insurers and other payers in an effort to raise physician payment or otherwise increase physician compensation. The state medical society will also not disclose any information received in response to this survey to its physician members without first consulting experienced antitrust counsel.
Thank you for the time to complete this Survey

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