Southampton Hospital physicians have joined the ranks of Brookhaven Memorial, John T. Mather and St. Charles Hospitals recently in becoming  intitutional members of the Suffolk County Medical Society (SCMS) and MSSNY.  This initiative has the potential to restore the medical profession’s ability to take the lead in healthcare issues, to strengthen our positions, and to achieve our goals.
Kudos and thanks to their medical staffs for being exceptional in recognizing that to go up against the forces of big government, big insurance and the latest addition to modern medicine — big hospitals— we need to be informed, involved, and most importantly—united.
The medical staffs’ decision to forge a new organizational model of membership in the medical society is impressive. It strengthens their physicians’ voice, the power of the profession and the overall healthcare environment. It also significantly reduces the cost for each physician. As the challenges facing physicians have become more and more acute, our state and county medical societies have seen our resources increasingly stretched to the limit. Our societies need to be proactive; we need to be able to anticipate and respond quickly to physicians’ needs. We need to be everywhere that the interests of our profession are challenged and especially so in Albany, where others seek to control us. The breadth and depth of the work that needs to be done is extensive and costly. We need every physician to be a part of the effort.
Congratulations to our new, large medical groups’ leaders for recognizing that our past victories could just as easily have been defeats were it not for the support of the physicians who have chosen to be members. We need to stand together, to stand united, and to stand strong. Make that imagined State, where every physician is a member of the medical society, a reality for New York. 

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