Strength in numbers is needed to effect CHANGE. If you remain silent and alone, you become its victim - becoming a member of organized medicine does not take a great deal of time. Benefits can be reaped whether you become an active participant or merely a dues paying member.
By joining the SCMS and MSSNY every physician has a voice - an opportunity to promote specific opinions or ideas. You also have the opportunity to provide input into policymaking issues through the introduction of resolutions to be presented to the MSSNY Annual House of Delegates meeting.
Your interests are well represented in Albany and Washington. The SCMS has established a dialogue and rapport with virtually all legislators from our County. Frequent visitations are made where organized medicine's opinions and policies are espoused through meetings with local, state and federal legislators.
Referral Service
The Society's referral service provides the names and educational backgrounds of members to the public – by clicking on “Find a Physician” on the SCMS website ( or placing a simple telephone call to the Suffolk County Medical Society, an individual can obtain the name of a physician member in any specialty and in any geographic location throughout Suffolk County.
Assistance with Reimbursement
Are you having problems receiving reimbursement on outstanding claims?
Are insurance companies ignoring your repeated requests for payments for services you provided to their enrollees?
One of the many advantages of belonging to the medical society is the assistance we provide in helping physicians get paid for the work they perform. We have helped hundreds of our members receive literally thousands of dollars on outstanding health insurance claims, many of which they have “written off” as not collectable.
We think you will agree that membership dues is a relatively small price to pay to help improve your cash flow. Click here for a copy of the Hassle Form, and click here for a business agreement which needs to be signed and returned to the SCMS along with the Hassle Form.
Member Bulletin
The SCMS produces one of the most comprehensive membership Bulletins than any other county society in the state. Information on issues, which affect a physician's practice on a local, statewide and national level, legal and financial planning information, as well as public health and educational discussions are included and updated frequently. This publication is available online at the SCMS website.
Legal Representation
The SCMS has endorsed the law firm of Ruskin, Moscou, & Faltischeck, P.C. as General Counsel. Legal services are provided to all members at substantially reduced rates. This firm specializes in all aspects of healthcare law and has been representing physicians across the state for many years. Physicians should call Jay B. Silverman, Esq. at 516-663-6606 with any legal questions or concerns.
Banking Services
Bridgehampton National Bank (BNB) offers members of the Suffolk County Medical Society an array of banking products and services. Non-interest bearing business checking accounts, physician loan program, Bridgehampton National Bank credit and processing services, capital leasing programs, etc. are just some of the many services exclusively offered to SCMS members.
A major advantage of being a member of the Medical Society is your ability to receive accurate and up-to-date information on issues affecting the practice of medicine. This is accomplished through multiple seminars sponsored by the Medical Society throughout the year. Medicare, Medicaid, Workers' Compensation, OSHA Compliance, Antitrust regulations, formation of integrated delivery systems, electronic claims submission, HIPAA, Infection Control, are just some of the many subjects reviewed for physicians and their office staff. We keep our members up-to-date on current affairs that affect our doctors and their practices.
We are able to communicate to our members by means of a broadcast fax system, which allows us to get you information instantaneously, emails that keep you up to date, special mailings, through our Bulletin and posting on our website.
A specially formed committee charged with looking into complaints referred to the Society by other members or the general public. Recommendations of this committee, although not technically binding, can often negate the need for further investigation.
Financial Advisor
In order to continue to provide our members with quality programs and services, the Suffolk County Medical Society has endorsed Alan D. Kahn, CPA, MBA, CLU, ChFC, who has been providing financial and estate planning services to many of the members of the Suffolk County Medical Society for over fifteen years. During this same period of time, he has also written articles for publication in our Bulletin.
Alan is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He has previously served consecutive two-year terms as Chairman for the New York State Society of CPA’s Public Relations Committee, Estate Planning Committee, and Tax Division Oversight Committee. Alan also served as a Trustee for the Foundation of Accounting Education (FAE).
For a detailed list of services, please see Alan’s advertisement in our Bulletin or you may contact Alan directly at 516-677-0270.
Physician Driven Liability Coverage
The Medical Liability Insurance Company (MLMIC) is the only professional liability carrier endorsed by MSSNY and the SCMS. The company is physician owned and managed and has the country’s largest, most experienced professional liability claim department.
Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company now offers defense only coverage for physicians and surgeons who are insured for professional liability through MLMIC. In fact, MLMIC is the first insurer of physicians and surgeons in New York State to offer this supplementary coverage.
Provided at no additional charge, this defense only coverage becomes part of the standards MLMIC policy by endorsement and provides reimbursement up to $25,000 for the costs of defending an administrative action brought against a policyholder which arises out of allegations that could form the basis of a claim for legal liability under an insured’s policy. For example, if the Office of Professional Medical Conduct charges a physician with negligent patient care, she/he would be reimbursed for the costs of legal defense up to $25,000. It should be noted that this endorsement provides reimbursement for the cost of legal defense only and does not pay any fines, penalties, or other damages.
By offering defense only coverage, MLMIC continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing MLMIC policyholders with the most comprehensive coverage possible, the highest level of personalized service, and the ability to address and accommodate the changing needs of its physicians’ insured’s.
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance offers a convenient, cost-effective personal insurance plan that features a discount automobile and homeowner/condo/co-op/renters insurance program to MSSNY members at a discount. The program features: Premium discounts, convenient monthly payment plan without service charges,·24-Hour Claim Service,24-Hour Roadside Assistance.
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