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To act as the premier professional medical association for the physicians of Suffolk County by maintaining a representative and united organization to consider and act upon matters affecting the practice of medicine and public health in Suffolk County; cultivating and advancing education in the science of medicine while maintaining a high standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the medical profession; proactively identifying and responding to the evolving needs and interests of physician members by interacting with managed care organizations, third party payors, legislative and public interest groups, appropriate regulatory agencies etc., contributing to the professional and personal development of member physicians by representing the profession as a whole; serving as a resource for its members and assisting them in addressing the many issues and needs which they face in providing cost effective, high quality health care to their patients; preserving the doctor-patient relationship while assuring access to quality medical care for all; and acting as an advocate for patients in dealing with health related issues.

2019-2020 Officer Listings  

Richard Schoor, MD

Keith W. Harris, DO

Ani A. Bodoutchian, MD, MBA

Linda Efferen, MD, MBA

Daniel Choi, MD

Aaron Kumar, MD, MBA

Executive Committee:

Maria A. Basile, MD
Bruce H. Berlin, MD
Ani A. Bodoutchian, MD, MBA
Daniel Choi, MD
Stephen F. Coccaro, MD
Christine M. Doucet, MD
Frank G. Dowling, MD
Keith W. Harris, III, DO
Nabil K. Kiridly, MD
Kara H.V. Kvilekval, MD
Martin Matalon, MD
Badri P. Nath, MD
Ramin Rak, MD
Charles Rothberg, MD
Robert A. Scher, MD
Richard Schoor, MD
William R. Spencer Jr., MD
Society Staff:
Aaron Kumar, MD, MBA                        
Executive Director                               
Shantale Chery  Mallory Berlin  
Senior Office Administrator  SAM  Administrator General Contact
[email protected]   [email protected]  [email protected]
631-851-1400 x103  631-851-1400 x104 631-851-1400 x102


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Shall prepare editorial comments for publication and distribution to local newspapers and news media when appropriate. It shall serve in an advisory capacity to the current president and shall consist of the President, President-Elect, MSSNY Councilor and two past presidents.

Acts as a liaison with the various emergency medical service organizations which function within Suffolk County. These include the Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services, as well as the Division of Emergency Medical Services of the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

Shall Act in an advisory capacity on questions of professional ethics raised by the Society or its members.

To improve the physician hospital relationship and to investigate at the initiative of its members any proposed changes in policy affecting the status or practice of physicians, both staff and voluntary, at the institutions for which there is physician representation on the committee.

To keep the Society informed in regard to legislation, which may or will possibly affect the practice of medicine and the effects of proposed legislation in the field of health insurance. When appropriate, committee members shall meet with legislators at state and federal levels to discuss organized medicine's agenda.

To take cognizance of any complaint referred to the Society or its members by the general public. It shall also be involved in fee adjudication issues. The focus of the committee should be on education of the public and physicians in an effort to improve the quality of relations between patients and physicians.

Responsible for the recruitment of new members and, working with other appropriate committees, for the retention of present members.

To secure and present to the members of the Society all types of benefits including insurance, which might result from group sponsorship.

Shall act in conjunction with the MSSNY Committee on Physicians Health (CPH). All matters pertaining to mental health, alcoholism, drug addiction and drug prescribing with their allied fields shall be investigated. The committee shall engage in education in matters of mental health, alcoholism and addiction.

To investigate all questions relating to local public health. It shall also engage in public health education.

The purpose of this committee is to encourage and assist female physicians in becoming more active in the Society and address particular problems faced by women physicians in both personal and professional settings.

The number of women in medicine has skyrocketed, increasing more than 425% since 1970. According to Nancy Dickey, formerly Chair of the AMA's Board of Trustees "Women are succeeding in medicine and are leading the way for others to follow." It is projected that by the year 2010, women will comprise almost a third of all physicians - a formidable source of physician power.

The Workers' Compensation Committee is charged with the responsiblity of working in conjunction with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board and appropriate New York State licensed workers' compensation carriers, in arranging for and conducting arbitration hearings for members of the medical profession within Suffolk County.

The committee also interfaces and has direct input into the proceedings of the Medical Society of the State of New York Committee on Workers' Compensation and Occupational Health.

The committee consists of members of the Society under the age of forty (40) or in practice less than five years. There is close interface with the Medical Society of the State of New York Young Physicians Section both of which are concerned about those problems which directly impact this classification of members.

Shall perform the duties specified by the Bylaws and resolutions of the Society as follows:

*Prior to each regular meeting of the Board of Directors, they shall consider applications for membership and make such investigations of applicants’ statements and qualifications, as they deem necessary;

*It may itself prefer charges against a member of the Society, or may receive charges from any Society committee, or take cognizance of all charges preferred or any evidence of unethical conduct on the part of a member of the Society, which may come to the attention of the Board from any verifiable source;

*It shall conduct an appropriate investigation as specified in the Bylaws and make a recommendation as to any disciplinary actions against the member.

Shall prepare, at the beginning of each fiscal year, a budget of the previous year's receipts and expenditures as well as the upcoming year's estimated receipts and expenditures. Budgets shall be presented to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for approval. It shall act in all matters pertaining to funds and finances as authorized by the Society Board of Directors.

Shall be appointed at the discretion of the President, and shall serve until such time as its mission or stated objectives have been satisfied.

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